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The Potter

Excellent choice for the keen gardener, offering storage and sheltered growing space.


Imperial / Metric / Eaves Height

6′ x 6′   1830 x 1830mm   2065mm

8′ x 6′   2440 x 1830mm   2065mm

10′ x 6′   3050 x 1830mm   2065mm

12′ x 6′   3660 x 1830mm   2065mm

6′ x 8′   1830 x 2440mm   2065mm

8′ x 8′   2440 x 2440mm   2065mm

10′ x 8′   3050 x 2440mm   2065mm

12′ x 8′   3660 x 2440mm   2065mm

Ridge height  (6′) 2175mm
Ridge height (8′) 2175mm

Standard Features


50 x 50mm tanalised floor joists, fully framed mortice and tenon single door, mortice lock with key and door handle, 2 side opening windows, black hinges, 2 tier fully boarded shelf, roof framing 70 x 28mm and diagonal bracing, toughened glass and polyester roofing felt.


The Potter is an excellent building for the keen gardener. Combining storage with growing space. With the large glazing panels, 2 opening windows in the Potter & two tier bench all as standard features makes these superb buildings for your planting & storage needs.

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